Buy Exchange Listings

All active market orders will show on CoinBook's orderbook exchange. If you are looking for a specific token trade, token filters are available to narrow your search.

If you do not see any token exchanges you are looking for, submit your own listing to the orderbook by following our Create Exchange Listings guide.

Buying A Token Listing Guide

  1. To start buying tokens, open inside of your crypto wallet browser. Select the Buy Listing tab on the Token Orders window.

  2. You can then view all available orders for trade on the orderbook. You can use the token exchange filters to view specific tokens rather than all tokens. For this example below, we are looking to trade CORE for any available tokens on the market. This will only show available tokens for sale by purchase with CORE.

  1. Once you've found a token listing you would like to purchase, select View which will expand the Preview Purchase for your review. Confirm your purchase by selecting the Buy button. The example below shows Buy USDT because we are buying USDT with CORE.

  1. You will be asked by your crypto wallet to confirm the transaction once more. This will finalize the sale and once processed on the blockchain, your tokens will leave your wallet and you receive the purchased tokens inside your wallet. You can copy any token's contract address by selecting the Copy to Clipboard button as shown below:

If you are experiencing any issues buying exchange listings,

  1. First check the troubleshooting page for your error code

  2. If you can't find the solution, reach out in our Telegram community.

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