🔄Troubleshooting Errors

Sometimes you may find yourself facing a problem that doesn't have a clear solution. These troubleshooting tips may help you solve any problems you run into.

Issues on the Orderbook Exchange

If you are experiencing any issues when trading on CoinBook's Exchange, follow these steps:

  1. First disconnect your wallet, clear your cache, and refresh the browser.

  2. If this does not resolve your issue, please check the error code you are receiving below.

No provider was found

You do not have your wallet connected properly. Verify your crypto wallet is connected to CoinBook at the top of the browser.


This is an issue in one of the tokens you are attempting to trade that has a swap back mechanism that swaps the token for core. There is likely not enough liquidity on the swap platform to execute the transaction, it is advised to contact the token project for their attention.

  1. If steps 1 or 2 have not resolved your issue, please reach out to the CoinBook community Telegram for assistance.

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