Create Exchange Listings

Token exchanges on CoinBook are the easiest way to trade one cryptocurrency token for another via the peer-to-peer Orderbook.

Buyers and sellers on CoinBook no longer have to worry about:

  • KYC or CEX fees

  • Slippage

  • Front-Running Bots

  • Market Price Impact

  • Tokenomics (Buy and Sell Taxes)

When you create a token exchange listing on CoinBook, you will pay a small 0.35 USD listing fee and a LOW 0.50% transaction fee.

Tokens collected by CoinBook via transaction fees will be donated to the users who have their $BOOK staked in the Library Pools.

Creating A Token Exchange Listing Guide

  1. To start creating token exchange orders, open inside of your crypto wallet browser. Select the Create Listing tab on the Token Orders window.

  2. You will then choose which token you want to sell and which token(s) you want to receive in exchange. For this example below, we are selling 1 CORE for 2 USDT. You can notice our live price tracking will show a Suggested Amount to help you determine a fair trade based on the current market.

  3. Users can then choose whether the listing is Partial or All or None. A Partial listing will allow other users to purchase portions of your listing and an All or None listing will require one user to purchase the whole order.

  4. When you have finished inputting your token exchange order, select Continue.

  1. You will then be shown a final preview of your exchange order. Confirm you are happy with the exchange details and select Confirm.

  1. Your crypto wallet will then ask you to confirm the transaction once more. Press Confirm.

  1. The transaction will be processed and submitted to CoinBook's orderbook exchange. You can view your active listings by using the Filter: Show only your listings.

  1. You can select View on your exchange listings to Cancel or Edit them.

If you are experiencing any issues creating exchange listings,

  1. First check the troubleshooting page for your error code

  2. If you can't find the solution, reach out in our Telegram community.

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